Home Help


Are you looking for a professional service provider to help you with a job around the home? Perhaps you have a broken piece of furniture, a faulty switch or a room that’s in need of a fresh lick of paint. Well that’s exactly what you can hope to find and more here at Home Friday. We have a huge database of reputable home help service providers to suit you – all that you’ll need to do is find the right one and then relax as the job is taken care of.

Repairs and Restorations – Finding a reliable worker isn’t always as easy as people think. That’s why at Home Friday, we’ve done our best to make things as easy as possible for you. We have some of the most highly trained professionals available, and what’s even greater is that you’ll have the option to find one that’s local to you. So if you have a building, piece of furniture or structure in need of repair, look no further than our database to find the right handyman for you.

Construction – We don’t just deal with repairs; our professional service providers come from some of the most sought after backgrounds around. Whether you need a room reconstructed, or an entire home built; you’ll be able to browse our great range of construction workers, or simply place a listing for your project and wait to hear back from eligible employees.

Tuition – Home help services don’t only refer to work around the house, but also services that take place within your property. This is where tuition comes in very handy. We have a huge database of professional tutors, all offering a unique specialization to suit you. Whether it’s language tuition that you’re after, or more specialized training for particular subjects, you’ll be able to check out a variety of tutors and find the right one for you.

General Handyman Work – Owning or renting a home carries a huge responsibility. Property can get damaged, worn or simply require a new style or function. When these projects pop up, you don’t need to look any further than Home Friday. All that you’ll need to do is list your project and sit back and wait while eligible service providers come to you. As service providers put themselves forwards for your project, you’ll have the opportunity to review their feedback, check out their ratings and even speak with them directly before deciding on the right handyman for you.

Home Friday is simply fantastic for bringing service providers and customers together. We act as the middle man so you can rest assured that your needs are being catered to. We cut out the hassle of having to source a service provider yourself, so that you can just let your provider know what needs doing, and then relax while your project is taken care of for you. It really is as simple as that!